Archit4ecture's abysmal ignorance

Architecture’s abysmal ignorance

By Nikos A Salingaros, November 24, 2022 | Recent scientific applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) amount to a paradigm shift in settling the architectural debate. For decades, architects have been arguing against common sensibilities about styles, preferring — and fanatically insisting upon — anxiety-inducing structures that almost everyone else hates to experience in person. The criteria offered are that buildings and surfaces have to be judged by how “cute”, “innovative” or “pure” they appear in a model or rendering. Forget how you feel close to them and when you have to actually approach, enter and work inside. 

This dark era of treating people as social insects may be ending. Unexpectedly, technological tools originating in the commercial sector may turn into the means of liberating beauty and emotions from decades of suppression. FULL ARTICLE